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Our Pump Track Racing(PTR) Wheelset is design from the ground up to dominate the Pumptracks.   Available in either Chainless(no freeehub body and no cog)thats recommended for the Crankworx  pumptrack or Single Speed with 10 tooth cog, 11 tooth cog or 12 tooth cog and freehub body. 

  We start with our own Esquire Carbonfiber PTR rims (425 grams) that feature Hookless Beads to allow for quick and secure tubeless set up to reduce weight, plus the 30mm inner width gives the tires "less roll over" in the corners when coming into the berm fast, as well as decreasing air burps.  When the tires folds or rolls, it means that energy is being lost in the corners and your losing forward momentum(speed).    


1 399,99C$Prix

    - 26" wheelsize 

    - 28 spokes Front -  2X spoke pattern 

    -  28 Spokes Rear -3X braking side, 2X drive side 

    - Esquire PTR carbonfiber rims (425grams +/-15) 30mm inner width.

    - Esquire DJ Front hub  20mm x 110mm and 15mm x 100mm drop outs included.

    - Esquire DJ Rear hub   Single Speed or Gearless choice     10mm x 135mm. 

    - Spokes 14/15 Gauge  Double Butted Stainless Steel   Black 

    - Nipples  Brass   Black  14mm

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