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The proform program is designed to help out all the people that make the mountain bike industry run. We take our program very serious and love giving back to those that contribute their heart and soul to our sport. All ProForm applications are individually subject to the approval from us here and must meet all of our criteria to be considered. To apply for our ProForm program check out the list below and if you qualify, submit your online application now.

  • You must work full time in the mountain bike industry. This includes bikes shops, manufacturers, coach/instructors, trail builders.

  • You must provide a valid copy of your most recent pay-stub showing full time employment.

  • You must provide your company or bikeshop website and address in the application below.

  • All product purchased via this ProForm program must be shipped to your company or bikeshop address.

  • All product purchased via this ProForm program must be for your personal use. You may not purchase items for other people or family members.

Please note, you must have an active account on this website and be logged in to apply. Create a new account or login below and then return to this page to apply. Applications can take a few days to approve during business hours. If you have any other questions, shoot us an email.

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