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We are the exclusive direct to customer sales distributor and shipping warehouse in Canada and USA for the following brands:

-Cachet Bicycle Company

-ESQuire Components

-BLAQ Precision Components

- Reactive Response Technology 

- Stop Components

Our is to allow brands to concentrate their efforts on creating the brand, well we take care of the customers support and sales side of things.

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We are here to provide customers with top bicycle brands all in one place and streamline shipping and customer service.



Ka/ sh / A /

" The state of being respected or admired."


We are a group of riders that have loved bikes our whole lives and are creating our ultimate line up of frames and components that we ourselves want to ride and shred daily.

In the future we will be working with many of our pro riders to create their own unique model frames that will be available to the public.  The rider will choose their material, geometry and their own paint or finish of choice.  These frames will be exactly what the riders will be using.  No switching materials or skipping steps.  We feel that pro riders should ride what fits their skill and personality for their optimal performance, allowing the bike to become an extension of themselves.  Take one of our frames for a ride and you will immediately feel the difference in our designs and quality.

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Reactive Response titanium springs are designed not only to be the highest quality springs available but also an object of shear beauty.

​Our basic springs are crafted from Grade-5 titanium(6/4) and upgraded springs from a premium material we labeled ALPHA-5 (Al,V,Fe,C,O,N,H). The ALPHA-5's unique properties allow for a superior spring in everyway. With less material used in the manufacture of the ALPHA-5 to get the same results as the Grade-5 spring, the result is a significantly lighter spring.

All springs undergo heat treating and a shot blasting during the finishing process to relieve stress from the winding and increase the materials hardness without becoming brittle. Steps like this are what set Reactive Response springs apart from the rest. Whether in raw titanium finish or one of the stunning colour's available, the result is the same great spring.

Our engineering team has designed our products to allow you the confidence in your equipment to push your comfort zone further and give your bike a truly unique look.

BLAQ Precision Components was started to offer high quality headsets to allow more riders to benefit from a well made and well designed headset.  Our headsets are built using high quality sealed  bearings and aluminium alloys so our customers know they wont have to worry about their BLAQ Precision headsets mid ride ever.

ESQuire Components

             " Exquisite bicycle components for extraordinary dreams "

It is no secret Esquire Components loves competition and the component line was developed to put riders on the top step of the podium. 

 Esquire watched as our favorite events like 4X racing, dirt jumping and pump track racing fell off to the way side of technology development compared to events like XC , road and *gravel(*or insert here what ever the latest fad in biking is).   Esquire watched pump track racers on MTB's having a huge disadvantage as they lined up against the BMX racers. The BMX racers were simply on bikes made for high speed racing.  The MTB riders were on bikes designed for landing tricks, and weighed about 10 -12lbs heavier than the BMX bikes.  The MTBs are produced using over built parts that are designed for surviving 40' whip flips or landing 30' step downs in the north shore.

  Starting with pump track racing, Esquire meticulously goes over every part down to every last nut and bolt.  We look for the smallest detail that can be improved to give our riders a safe advantage.  

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We are your friction specialists , we have the top graded materials to get the job done no matter your cycling discipline or brands of brakes you use , we have replacement parts that surpass your original equipment that your bike came with to give you better control  when its needed the most .

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